DSC_0215During the five days the International Music festival "Sharq Taronalari" that brought together the best artists in the world came to an end. While awarding the prizes the artists showed the peculiarities of their national music culture had a very strong feeling. We had an interview with them.


DSC__4963The tenth international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) completed in Samarkand on 30 August. This year’s festival, organized since 1997 on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, was attended by artists from 66 countries.


IMG_8520 On the eve of celebration Uzbekistan's independence, ancient Samarkand lives in a special atmosphere. These days there focused on the incredible creative energy of the most talented representatives of the art of music come here from all over the world.


IMG__8173Famous Georgian folk ensemble "Didgori" August 27, made ​​its first performance on the Registan Square. The group was established in 2003, its activity is mainly aimed at the revival of the ancient original Georgian folk traditions. 


DSC__0228Within the framework of the festival "Sharq taronalari" concert programs with the participation of foreign performers are held almost in all notable places. One of these concerts was held in the fascinating culture and recreation park "Shaboda", in mahalla "Chashma ", which will be remembered to me for a long time.

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Regulation of the International Music Festival
"Sharq Taronalari" ("Melodies of Orient")
August 25-30, 2017 Samarkand city, Uzbekistan


Main Goals and Objectives

- popularization the best achievements of national music arts;
- preservation and development great folklore traditions;
- bring up young generation to love excellence;
- further expansion of international relations in the field of art, glorifying the ideas of peace, friendship, mutual understanding;
- further strengthening of mutual cultural and spiritual cooperation.

Organizers of the Festival

Ministry of Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Samarkand Regional Municipality.
Concert Association "UZBEKNAVO";
National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan;
Union of Composers of Uzbekistan;


Festival Arrangements

Competition on the best performance of a national song and instrumental music;
Scientific - theoretical conference;
Сoncert programs at gardens, halls and other venues of Samarkand city;
Awarding Ceremony and Gala-Concert.
Excursion for participants of the Festival on sights of Samarkand city.

The music groups or solo singer and musicians may participate in the festival competition. The group from each country should contain up to 6 people. All expenses in Uzbekistan (accommodation, food and local transportation) will be covered by the Festival Directorate. Double room accommodations in hotels will be provided (upon the participants request single rooms may be provided for additional payment).

Other performers-participants are also welcome at their own expenses.


“Best Performance of a National Song and Instrumental Music” Competition

Professional and amateur art groups, as well as soloists may take part in the competition.

The music program should include the following directions:

- Folk musical arts (music or song);
- Traditional classic music;
- Modern national music songs and instrumental music.

The following materials are to be submitted by the applicant till April 1, 2017 to the Organizing Committee to e-mail address

 -         Festival Application Form (Application Form in WORD format);

-         Video and audio materials;

-         Information about the art group or soloist (not exceeding 300 words);

-         Photos of art group or a performer (for publications).

Total duration of the music program should not exceed 15 minutes.

The Festival Selection Committee will give feedback on the received applications by April 15, 2017.

Every participant must bring their national flag (size 1m x 2m).


International Jury

The International Jury will be formed to judge the competition.
The bright national characteristics, pithiness, high level of performing skill of singers, the Oriental dressing and artistic skills on the stage are the main criteria of the evaluation of jury.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the grades or awards given by the Jury members to the festival participants.


The following awards are established by the Festival Organizing Committee for the winners of the Competition.

  • Grand Prix -US$10,000
  • The first prize (2) - US $ 7,000 for each
  • The second prize (2) - US$ 5,000 for each
  • The third prize (2) - US$ 3,000 for each

Art Associations, Funds, International and other organizations may establish their own special prizes.

All participants of the Competition will be awarded with special diplomas.


Organizer's Rights

  1. The exclusive right to broadcast or permit others to broadcast the performance of the festival events.
  2. The exclusive right to produce and distribute (without paying any fees to participants and guests of the festival) all types of festival audio and video materials of the festival participants, printed and other kind of products produced during the festival events and its follow-up.
  3. The exclusive right to use for promotional purposes some of the subsidiary materials sent by applicants to the Festival Directorate.
  4. Requesting from every participant to have his/her own medical insurance policies.



Above the Festival will be organised International Scientific and Theoretical Conference. Theme of the conferance - "Formation and development of national traditions in the musical cultures of the peoples of the East".

The Conference Participants should present texts of reports or detailed theses (not less than 300 words) and other materials in advance to the Festival Directorate by Aprel 20, 2017 to e-mail address

The Festival Selection Committee will give feedback on the topics presented for the Conference by May 5, 2017.

The working languages of the conference are Uzbek, English and Russian.

Address of organizing committee:
100022, Str. Toshbuloq 8-AB, Yakkasaroy dist. Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan,

Ministry of Cultural and Sports Affairs,
Directorate of the International Music Festival "Sharq Taronalari".

Tel.: (998 71) 2506133, (998 95) 1442545