DSC_0215During the five days the International Music festival "Sharq Taronalari" that brought together the best artists in the world came to an end. While awarding the prizes the artists showed the peculiarities of their national music culture had a very strong feeling. We had an interview with them.


DSC__4963The tenth international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) completed in Samarkand on 30 August. This year’s festival, organized since 1997 on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, was attended by artists from 66 countries.


IMG_8520 On the eve of celebration Uzbekistan's independence, ancient Samarkand lives in a special atmosphere. These days there focused on the incredible creative energy of the most talented representatives of the art of music come here from all over the world.


IMG__8173Famous Georgian folk ensemble "Didgori" August 27, made ​​its first performance on the Registan Square. The group was established in 2003, its activity is mainly aimed at the revival of the ancient original Georgian folk traditions. 


DSC__0228Within the framework of the festival "Sharq taronalari" concert programs with the participation of foreign performers are held almost in all notable places. One of these concerts was held in the fascinating culture and recreation park "Shaboda", in mahalla "Chashma ", which will be remembered to me for a long time.

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“Now I'm like a fairy tale"  28.08.2015 08:00

On August 26 the participants of the X International Festivalmade performance on the square "Registan". The colorful performances left none to remain indifferent. We talked to one of the participants of the festival -musician from Estonia Silver Seep.

-We are very interested to hear your impressions about Uzbekistan, because you are for the first time in our country.

- I have been to many countries, but such hospitality as in your country, have never seen anywhere else. We got acquainted with Tashkent, Samarkand, the grandeur of the architectural monuments are really admirable. Even in youth, we learned the history of the world and were familiar with the great Amir Temur. His monument conveys such traits inherent to the leader as militancy, courage and incredible strength. Even more the preservation of ancient monumentsdelights and surprises everyone despite of their antiquity. It is obvious that the Uzbek people honor and value ​​their ancestors.

-And what can you say about the festival "Sharqtaronalari?" 

-For the first time about Uzbekistan, its traditions and, of course, about "Sharqtaronalari" told me my old friend- a journalist, he visited Samarkand earlier. Intrigued, I founddetailed information about festival on the Internet. The importance and expanding of the scale of the festival influenced me to submit an application for participation. Soon I received an invitation, and here I am. Seeing everything with my own eyes, being in the thick of things convinced that the grand event, today is not only a festival of Easterntunes, but of the world.

-For you to perform on the main stage of Samarkand - one of the new events, talk about your feelings.

- I admit, at first it was exciting, but warm meeting of spectators supported me and I got accustomed quickly. The scene of Registan gives a feeling of importance, significance. It does not leave the idea that not everyone is lucky enough to be on it. I cannot express in words my feeling, it is in my heart.

- We liked your speech, you sang very enthusiastically. What arethe instruments that you played on made of, they looknon-traditionally?

- Many years of activity in the music world, I spent playing the saxophone. My teachers repeated many times, I have a fine feeling to the sound. Deciding to use my skill, in fact, I began to try to extract the melody from a variety of handy items. For example, no musical instrument similar to a bicycle wheel may make a similar drum sounds, and normal log "singing" so melodiously that the sound cannot be distinguished from the traditional. Quite a bit of work on any subject, adding a few items and it will start singing. Today, after performing to a large audience in the Registan, I was very pleased that my ideas and inventions have been highly appreciated by the public. I would add that I have recently released an album titled «Miss as see on», where many motifs of unusual instrumentsare collected.

DSC__0078 (1)

- Your opinion about the Uzbek musical culture?

-I do not hide the fact that I really like the folklore of the Eastern countries. I am familiar with your culture, besides, I have a few of your national instruments, such as "karnay", "surnay", "doira." A few days ago I began to learn to play "doira". It drew me with its unique and complex manufacturing.

- Thank you for your sincere and friendly conversation!

- I'm like a fairy tale. To feel happy enough that I was a participant of the festival, I stand on the stage of Registan, sharing my talent with many spectators. I'd really like to get back to your countryonce more and take part in upcoming festivals. Thank you!


Fakhrullo Khamidullaev

(Press service «SharqTaronalari»)