Participants of the festival 2017

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Uljan Baybusynova


Uljan Baybusynova Malikaydarovna is a renowned jirshy - performer of epic tales in Kazakhstan and the Candidate of Philological Sciences also, Honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She is the author of several model curriculums, programs and textbooks, and many scientific articles for secondary schools on the subject "Music". She regularly performs concerts in Europe, USA and the Middle East. Besides, Uljan is a member of international music projects such as "Children of Heraklis" (USA, Europe), "Bardic Divas" (USA, Europe, Asia), "Dede Korkut" (Germany, Liechtenstein, Turkey), "Marko Polo" (Lebanon, Tunisia). Her works are performed in documentary films such as "Musigues Du Monde" by Au Theater De La Ville (Paris, 2004) and "Bardic Divas" (USA, 2007); as well as her songs published as CDs like "Klang Welten" World Music Festival (Germany, 2005) , "Syr sazy" and "Korugli" (Kazakhstan, 2011).