The unique fascination of Shark Taronalari

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August 29, 2017 Samarkand 2017

"Shark Taronalari" is an amazing festival that is held for 20 years in the most beautiful and beloved city on earth - the fairy and fabulous Samarkand. I was fortunate to be a guest of the First Festival in 1997, where we arrived with a group of outstanding masters of Shashmakom, Uzbek music - Ilyas Mallaev, Ezro Malakov, Mukhabbat Shamayeva, Matat Barayev.

Ezro Malakov became a laureate of the festival, having performed the song "Kurbon Ulam", which since that day became the favorite song of many millions of his fans, and thanks to his performance the youth began to perform it on radio, television, concerts and festivals.

Even then it was clear that this festival has a great future, and time has proved how perspicacious was Islam Karimov who stood at the origins of this and other undertakings that transformed ancient Uzbekistan.

The main difference of this festival, in my opinion, is that it is the most cordial and hospitable, it reflects the best qualities of the Uzbek people: the majestic "Shashmakom", beautiful dances, and music.

We also strive to preserve in us the love for this great heritage; we hold the only festivals of art in the world that is dedicated to the creativity of the makomists. For example, in New York, November 11-12, 2017, the Fourth International Festival “Shashmaqam Forever” and a conference dedicated to the 120th  anniversary of Yunus Rajabi, academician who issued a makom, singer and composer, who was  a close friend of our community in Uzbekistan. In his ensemble sparkled Berta Davydova, Sirodzh Aminov, Isaak Kataev, Karim Muminov (Naftoli Shimunov), Ezro Malakov, Kimmat Borukhova, Mukhabbat Shamaeva and others.

The first festival was dedicated to the creativity of the great Ustoz Turgun Alimatov and was held at Carnegie Hall in 2012.

Every time, in different years, being in the Registan Square, the heart of not only Samarkand, but also the whole Uzbekistan, I feel a special surge of strength, inspired by the scene, bright colors of the majestic architectural masterpiece of Sher-Dora, Tillya-Kori and Ulugbek madrasah. It is wonderful that it is from this square that the first person of the state, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, addresses to the festival participants and the entire nation of the country. This year I had the opportunity to personally shake the hand of Mr. Shavkat Mironovich Mirziyoyev. His appeal to all of us was laconic, sincere, joyful and festive. The entire ensuing concert became the embodiment of ideas, which he constantly embodies in practice: peace, good-neighborliness, openness, publicity, hospitality. This whole program with the participation of Tajik, Georgian, Russian, Kazakh singers and dance groups - is evidence of what was said above.

We were pleased to hear in the greeting to the guests of the festival and the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the United States and Canada, a nationwide organization that unites our fellow tribesmen throughout North America. It's almost 100 thousand people!

We actively cooperate with many non-governmental organizations of Uzbekistan - the Uzbekistan-America Society, the Jewish communities of Tashkent, Samarkand, Kokand and Bukhara. The newspapers The Bukharian Times, Zamon Times are published (editor-in-chief and publisher Rafael Nektalov came with me), magazines "Friendship" "Hope", "Beth Gabriel".

All these years the Congress of Bukharian Jews is developing and people's diplomacy. In particular, we are carrying out activities aimed at strengthening friendship and cooperation between the peoples of the United States and Uzbekistan.

Accordingly, we are holding joint scientific and practical conferences (in October 2017, the Fourth Conference devoted to the reforms in Uzbekistan will be held with Uzbek scientists, the "Uzbekistan-America" ​​society), we participate in a number of organizations that have direct access to American political establishment, representatives of the US State Department, the White House, the Congress and the Senate, the mayoralty of cities where Bukharan Jews live compactly, hold arts festivals, exhibitions of artists, demonstrations of the movies.

Thus, we demonstrate to America attractive aspects of Uzbekistan. Great success is enjoyed by our programs for the development of tourism, thanks to which many members of our community had the opportunity to visit their native places, to bow to the graves of their ancestors.

Much can be told about our many-sided and wide cooperation. This is a special topic, worthy of a special transfer.

Concluding my interview, I want to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Society "Uzbekistan-America", the Ministry of Culture, the regional and city government of Samarkand.

Returning to the 11th Sharq Taronalari festival, I note that it was especially pleasant to listen to the songs of such native Uzbek singers and musicians - Sherali Juraev, Munojot Tuichieva, Yulduz Usmanova and others.

A day earlier, I was at a competitive audition of singers, I heard songs of contestants from America, Israel, France, Kyrgyzstan, which sunk into my soul.

Our time is marked by many conflicts, wars ... And in such a difficult time such a large-scale music festival is held.

This has always been a distinctive feature of the Uzbek people: to think about the good, to wish others good and prosperity, to be hospitable, what Karimov called the all-encompassing word UZBEKCHILIK. It is true that in Afghanistan and Pakistan near neighbors of the country are in difficult situation, the world is full of terrorism and xenophobia, racism, islamophobia and anti-Semitism. But at the same time it is necessary not only to talk about peace, but also to generate, create this world between nations, so that ordinary people understand: the world is accessible and possible! The desire of peace-loving people is needed. And this festival is such an embodiment of Uzbekistan's desire to live in peace with its neighbors, all the peoples of the earth.


Boris Kandov - President of the Congress of Bukharian Jews in the US and Canada.