Participants’ word about festival

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Alexander Sallet (Germany)-  Our country has a great interest to this festival. I am interested in Uzbekistan, especially in Samarkand. Because of this festival I had a chance of being acquainted with the culture of this ancient city. I have great impressions, particularly, the concerts organized in local places, are amazing.

Lin Min Fang (China) – I am happy of being in Samarkand. It seems to us that the organizers of this festival have done their best for the preparation. Of course, our participation gives us a chance of being acquainted closer with national art of several countries.  In turn ,we also are showing our art to them.

Tashiake Mashasa (Japan) – We have got ready greatly to this festival with our band. The prestige of the international festival “Sharq Taronalari” is great in our country. Hospitality of  Uzbeks is amazing. IF there isany possibility, we would like to participate to each festival of “Sharq Taronalari”.

Our group mainly consists of young people. We had hope to visit Samarkand, a city located on crossroad of the Great Silk Road and wanted to show our art. First of all, we are delighted to be able to attending at this festival. In addition, this ancient city is appeasredmuch more perfect then in our imagination. The streets and modern buildings attracted our attention. Flowers, flower gardens and landscape-design techniques have been particularly beneficial to the city's image. We will feel happy if your hospitable, sincere people like our artistic program "Khanabi", "Steppo", "Hayatai", which praises beauty and humanity.

Abdulkadir Bendameche, a participant of the festival (Algeria)

I was struck by the repairs and construction work at the Shahi Zinda and Khazrat Khizr complexes in Samarkand. While watching these monumental complexes, it is worthy of note that the work carried out by the people to preserve the memory of great ancestors, past religious scholars, and the restoration of monuments related to them. Every time I visit Registan, I discover new and new perspectives that have made it great. I was interested in the history of the mosque and madrasah here. I witnessed the great achievements in world science, culture and art, during the time of the great astronomer Mirzo Ulughbek.

Bakhtiyar Tukhmatov, a a participant of the festival(Kirgizistan):

- I visited the graveyard of the First President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, who was buried in the complex of Khazrat Khizr. I know important deeds of this great person that belongs to fortify Uzbek-Kirgiz relations and their cultural and economic cooperation. It is also worth mentioning that the mausoleum for the memory of this man, known as a great politician and statesman, has been named after many streets and social objects of your country.

I have been witnessing the great prospect of the country's efforts to and join the ranks of the world's most developed countries in the Central Asian region when seeing the Hamid Alimjan Music and Drama Theater, the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, trade and entertainment centers.

Reynxardt Reissner Georg, a member of “Reinhardt Reissner team (Germany):

-We have been enjoying the beauty of the historical and ancient Samarkand city, the fairness of the historical monuments and hospitality of its people for a few days. We were also struck by the fact that such a festivity was also present in remote villages. The music and art school Number7 at Akdarya district which makes conditions for youths to study art secrets gives a great impetus for everyone.

Today it is the fact when some of the people of the country are raiding and raiding each other, Uzbek youths aspire to study science, vocation, and uniting the nations with music further enhances Uzbekistan's reputation in the world community.

I would like that those children in some unstable states to be happy as children in your country. I wish peace in your country!

Evgeni Gutarov, a member of “Раздолье” team (Russia):

-This is my first visit to your country. I was impressed by the historical monuments in Samarkand. Having seen the Amir Temur Mausoleum, Registan, Shohi Zinda complex, I felt like to be in the history. The city's current development is also remarkable - the streets are clean, tidy, there are flower gardens in everywhere.

I did not have enough idea about the prestige of the festival. In different parts of the city, as well as representatives of different nationalities, I was convinced of the scope and significance of the conference during the demonstration of our art.

Tulatkhar Riju a member of “Kanta dAb-dAb team (Nepal):

I have been enriching my impressions of your country everyday and I am opening new discoveries for myself at every step. It is a great pleasure to see that there are many children's music and art schools, and special educational programs designed to enrich the younger generation's art knowledge. Many countries do not pay attention to musical education in educational system. However, music plays an important role in the formation of human spirit, culture and spirituality; many countries do not understand it. In this situation everyone should learn from Uzbek intellectuals.

For instance, the international music festival "Sharq taronalari" will allow to unite representatives from different nationalities and ethnicities from all over the world, to demonstrate their national art on the same stage. The synchronicity of the songs with the historical and ancient monuments is a special feature of the festival.

Bissenbek Toleibiev, musician (Kazakhstan):

I am happy to be in the land of fraternal and friendly Uzbek people. I've been in your country before. But my current visit is very important to me. In addition, I am enjoying the beauty of the ancient and young Samarkand city while participating in the 11th international music festival “Sharq Taronalari”. The festival helps to unite not only our fraternal people, but also communicate with more than fifty nationalities around the world, and strengthen friendships.

Sahib Pashazada, the singer (Azerbaijan):

- The visitors from Samarkand city greatly applaudied our performance in Registan Square. Because the music is closer to them or our melodies have been heard, they sang with us. I am amazed by the fact that the Uzbek youths know the Azerbaijani national songs by heart. These moments will be memorized in my mind as the happiest moments of my life.


Dang Ti Xoai Tu, leader of Spring Traditional Band (Vietnam):

- This is the our first visit to this prestigious festival. We have prepared national music performed by the Vietnamese musical instruments. Your people listened attentively to our musical show and applauded. I am impressed by the fact that the Uzbeks listened to each national music, compare the culture with their own customs and pay great attention to others, and when I talked to young people, I was struck by their knowledge about the music of the world.