The melodies of the world in Registan... Day by Day

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Traditionally the international music festival “Sharq Taronalari”, every day, every hour is full of events. From the early morning till the night participants, guests and journalists meet and share their opinion and impression.This time, the theme of scientific-creative conference, which is being held in the framework of the XI International music festival is “Formation and development of national traditions in the musical culture of people of the East”.

We must emphasize that the reports of the well-known scientists of the world were meaningful and compact, a lot of new information was heard connected to the musical science. “What is important is that we all could understand each other and accept those ideas, which were suggested, so there is a hard work should be done. Music – is a kind of art, which is unlikely to have borders, it is endless like a galaxy, and everlasting. In fact, we must thank hospitable and talented people and government of Uzbekistan, who pay attention to musical civilization as well as to the future of their priceless musical treasure, as this unique forum gathered not only practical musicians from all continents, but also us, the theorist in the art of music. Those, who are lucky to be here the 11th, or the 1st time, are convinced in this fact. May this world music festival continue being held on the uzbek land for a long time. ”

In the declaration of international musical festival “Sharq taronalari”, which was adopted on august 28-29th in 1997 and signed by all participants of scientific-creative conference, held under the theme “Community of musical art among the people of the East”, there are the words like “… cooperation in the sphere of art makes a contribution in tightening international friendship, tolerance and brotherhood… for each country there should be a priority to preserve the schools of traditional music and craft, to pass it to the nest generations…”

Comfortable hall of “Registon Plaza”, usually here is held different kinds of meetings.

So press-conference for local and foreign representatives of mass media took place at the same hall.

Under the guidance of the head of press center of the festival S.Ostanov, participants and journalists shared opinion and the representatives of mass media got the answers to the questions they had from the Minister of culture of Uzbekistan B.Sayfullaev, the deputy mayor of the Samarkand region A.Umarov, the mayor of Samarkand F.Rakhimov, the director of the international music festival “Sharq Taronalari” T.Kholiqov, and the director of the scientific-theoretical conference R. Abdullaev.

          By the program, besides participating in the competitive program, conferences, excursions around Samarkand and its immediate vicinity, meetings with unique architecture, historical monuments, cooking, and preparation for competitive performances are held for the guests, which became common for festival participants of all the years.

          “To the whole world, the well-known Samarkand-the center of world civilizations, it is here that I rest my soul, having met with a hearty welcome, having seen a professional organization so much grandiose forum, clarity and smooth working. It is clear to everyone: a music festival of this scale brings together not only the culture of the East and the West, but also mutually enriches them. The craving for the East is justified: our country has its own priceless musical not only the past, the present, but also the future. Kindness to you, successes, peace and prosperity of the people” - the words of Polad Bulbuloglu, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, and the guest of honor of the first festival were picked up as the motto of all subsequent meetings of the musicians of the Earth.

          "To see Samarkand is an immense happiness! I've dreamed of this since I was 12 years old," said world famous chanson Charles Aznavour in an interview with the honorary guest of the 2009 festival. His words were confirmed by a guest from Italy by the singer Al Bano, he was given in Samarkand the name "Janob Felichita", who was immensely proud of his performance in Registan Square.

          One of the numerous meetings with residents of the Samarkand region took place in the children's school of music and art No. 7 in the Akdaria district.

          Stormy applause was received from guests from Belgium, Germany, Nepal, Russia, Azerbaijan, Nadro saw the faces of children, veterans, all who crossed the school hall.

          "We did not expect this," the musicians have lost their impressions, such reception, understanding, feeling that we are at home.

          I remember the little boy, who beat his feet with rhythms under the fervent melodies of the ensemble from Germany, and Greek and Belgian musicians were greeted with stormy applause.

          Still, everyone was impressed by the performance of the school, which performed the Azerbaijani song, accompanied by the musicians from Baku, and this is complete improvisation, without rehearsal. Playing a musician from Nepal on the Uzbek doira caused a flurry of applause

          Professional performance by the whole hall of the famous song "Katusha" by Matvei Balanter stunned the guests of the unique concert, but especially the trio from Russia who did not forget, giving the autograph in the Book of Honored Guests, mention this: "We have not heard or seen such a friendly Choir yet.  Katta Rahmat "

Flora Fakhrudin, Samarkand c., Uzbekistan