Participants’ word about festival

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Li Ajam Roy, creative officer of the magazine "Expat" (Holland):

-I was very pleased with the invitation to the festival "Sharq Taronalari". My goal is to highlight the grandiose forum on an even larger scale, to cover as many countries as possible. I think that my materials will contribute to the popularization of the festival. Since the site of our magazine is read daily by more than 60 thousand subscribers as it is printed   5,000 copies. In a word, I have heard about Uzbekistan. But, I confess, having seen with his own eyes his monuments of antiquity, combined with modernity, I was surprised and very pleased with the proposal made at a press conference for journalists, to introduce representatives of foreign and domestic media. This is very handy.

Murod Sarkhush, head of Safar group (Institute of National Music of Afghanistan):

-In the festival I have been participating since 2009. I also play songs, play several musical instruments. I cannot stop my excitement, despite the careful preparation for the performance. A scene like Registan does not allow you to just go out and perform a song. It requires great art, attention is paid to national costumes, a special level of the forum demands. After all, news about the festival "Sharq taronalari" scatters around the world.

Elef Therios, member of the ensemble of traditional music "Entopia", (Greece):

- At the festival I brought the ancient Greek national musical instrument. The appearance of this tool is interpreted in various legends. In different regions of Greece it is called differently, that's why I familiarize it with our national tool. Its form is similar to your own, united in one. Only it is not made of wood, but of sheep's skin. In some regions it is made from sheep's horns, leather and even from cow's skin.

I note that Eastern folk musical instruments are not far from our culture. This similarity I have been studying for many years. I heard that a lot of applications for participation in the festival were received from Greece. But our group smiled luckily. And so, to match this competition, we tirelessly rehearsed for three months.

Reinhards Reisner, head of the team Reinhards Reisner (Germany):

- From Bavaria we brought with us the best samples of music. Here we feel like real stars. In our group there are also members of my family, students. They listen to us even in Germany. This festival really unites the people and strengthens friendly relations. I was convinced of this myself. A large-scale festival gathers performers from different parts of the earth on one stage, serves mutual understanding