The Melodies of the World in Registan

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The melodies of the world in Registan

Again, the 11 times in the historical stage Ragistan, which has been celebrated from 1997 in the centre of Samarkand, the old city of Uzbekistan- the pearl city of the world, is now meeting with musicians from all around the world.

To write about this amazing musical festival, an international festival ‘’Sharq taronalari’ it's difficult for someone who sees it at the forefront of all these 20 years. But it's nice to meet with the topic with which he worked years earlier and those who first entered this sacred land.


Uzbekistan and Russia …. thousands and thousands of kilometers of distance between these sovereign states and thousands of centuries that connect the peoples of these countries. Our histories, culture, art, including music, are intertwined with our borders, distances, time, understandable to everyone. 

Russian delegation which has been participating every festival that began since 1997, each time surprising and admiring the audience, admirers of the musical art of the peoples of the world, fellow musicians.

Ensemble “Expanse”: Evgeniy Gutarov, Sergey Osvyannikov, Vladimr Kvochka, guys from Belgorod Russian Federation with their performance completed the first day of the curriculum, evaluating the international jury, which includes the representative of Russia: Margarita Karatigina, scientist-musicologist, professor of Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Chaikows: “This is my second visit to Samarkand with participating to festival.  This time the most responsible jury with colleagues from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China, Estonia, Uzbekistan. We will try to be extremely objective, although our work is complicated”.

Hakkasiya, Bashkortostan, Yakutia, Buryatia, Tiva, Tataristan, Evinkiya – Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Vladimir, Novosibirsk … regions and cities of Russia, whose musicians showed their art on the Registan.

Ensemble “Expanse”: “Uzbekistan, Samarkand, we are from Moscow just now we landed… just amazing, only one day, and impressions - the ocean. We are just first day there and see this ... fantastic! We cannot depart from the impressions, from the very city of this square that has seen so many talents of the world; your people are so hospitable, sociable, stunning people with a wide soul, hospitality. It is just fairy-tale! It is important that our art had to our liking for each of our colleagues and the jury. Huge thanks to the organizer of such a unique festival, to collect more than fifty countries, all at the highest level, I have no word!”


Press centre of festival – the heart of the festival, it is from here the fresh information on the work of the festival “Sharq taronalari” is scattered around the world,  it can also be found in all mass media in Uzbekistan: on the pages of the press, on the waves of the radio, see in the air of the channels of the national television and radio company of Uzbekistan. And of course, does not stay aside the Internet.


Flora Fakhrudin, Samarkand c., Uzbekistan.