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Huan Antonio Uaskess, Journalist (Spain)

I and my cooperative friend Araseli Isigare opened Mundofonias radio and now I am working there as an editor. Our radio programm involves music time in which the music of participants of “Sharq taronalari” are always played.

“Sharq taronalari” is a prestigious festival giving opportunity to change opinions, join different nations’ culture, and cooperate with other musicians. I am going to give a lecture especially on cross-cultural significance of the festival at the  scientific and practical conference.

Samarkand has been the center of cross-culture. During the festival not only we listen to the national music of the world but also get acquainted with ancient Samarkand and make lots of friends. I heard about Samarkand before and then I had a strong desire to come here. I am so happy of participating in “Sharq taronalari”.

Temur A'zam