International Scientific Conference in the Framework of the XI International Music Festival "Shark Taronalari"

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Uzbekistan is not only rich in natural resources, but also in scientific and cultural potential, great ancestors, who contributed to the development of world civilization. Here, including Samarkand since ancient times lived and created well-known scholars and thinkers, poets and musicians, artists and statesmen. For centuries, in Samarkand preserved and developed artistic traditions, music art, arranged competitions of poets - mushoira, contests and musical evenings.

    During the years of independence, these traditions were reborn again: here pay great attention to the preservation and revival of national values​​, widely celebrated anniversaries of great ancestors, deeply studied their scientific and spiritual heritage, and host international forums and festivals.  Thus, the XI –th   International Festival "Sharq taronalari” will be held in Samarkand on August 25-30, 2017. The history of the Forum was started in 1997 on the initiative of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. For the first time under the arches of the Registan Square sounded the music of various nations.



The purpose of the music Forum is the preservation and further development of the traditional music. It is used to so noble goals as strengthening in our restless  times, the bonds of friendship and cooperation between  countries and peoples,  awakening   good feelings in the hearts of people, as well as education of the younger generation in the spirit of love these traditions. Since then, the festival has won wide popularity and became one of the most prestigious international Forum of music, and the interest to it is growing. And the fact that it is recognized as the largest music festival of the East and is held under the patronage of UNESCO, point to the prestige of the event and give the importance of this International music event.

      This year, the International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari" will be held for the tenth time. The festival covers almost all continents. Every year the number of participating countries are increased. If at the first festival  in 1997, there were representatives of 33 countries, the latter in 2017, the festival was attended by representatives from  56 countries.

      The scientific conference held every two years within frame work of the International music festival “Sharq taronalari”  is providing opportunities for countries worldwide to exchange their cultural assets.  During three days of the conference we would expand the creation of cultural contents and form global networks by introducing and encountering presentation, sharing information on the various music genres of the Orient people, discussing on different music science aspects.

      This year the theme of the scientific conference that will be held during the festival – “Formation and development of national traditions in the musical cultures of the peoples of the East”, where will participate well-known scientists, art historians, music managers, and representatives of international organizations. The aim of the conference is to comprehend the present stage of the development of musical traditions of the Orient, historical process of interaction of the eastern music culture, a comprehensive study, identifying the contribution of the ancient civilizations of the East to the modern world culture. More than 30 scientists from 20 countries will participate in this conference.

  Now there are rehearsals of folk dance ensembles in the preparation of the grand opening ceremony of the festival, in which involved directors, choreographers, designers, artists who are working on the sketches of national costumes, designing the amphitheater and varied concert program.

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