DSC_0215During the five days the International Music festival "Sharq Taronalari" that brought together the best artists in the world came to an end. While awarding the prizes the artists showed the peculiarities of their national music culture had a very strong feeling. We had an interview with them.


DSC__4963The tenth international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) completed in Samarkand on 30 August. This year’s festival, organized since 1997 on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, was attended by artists from 66 countries.


IMG_8520 On the eve of celebration Uzbekistan's independence, ancient Samarkand lives in a special atmosphere. These days there focused on the incredible creative energy of the most talented representatives of the art of music come here from all over the world.


IMG__8173Famous Georgian folk ensemble "Didgori" August 27, made ​​its first performance on the Registan Square. The group was established in 2003, its activity is mainly aimed at the revival of the ancient original Georgian folk traditions. 


DSC__0228Within the framework of the festival "Sharq taronalari" concert programs with the participation of foreign performers are held almost in all notable places. One of these concerts was held in the fascinating culture and recreation park "Shaboda", in mahalla "Chashma ", which will be remembered to me for a long time.

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Samarkand Its construction was started in 1399, after successful campaign of Timur to India. Mosque was under construction during 5 years. Its structure was finished in 1404. By Timur's idea Bibi Hanim mosque had to eclipse all that he had seen before in other countries. Architects, artists, masters and craftsmen from many East countries were involved in construction. Two hundred stonemasons from Azerbaijan, Fars, Hindustan and other countries were working inside the mosque, and five hundred workers in mountains near Pendjikent were working under production and trimming of stones and sending it to Samarkand. Masters and craftsman gathered and drive together from all parts of the world put into construction their traditions and experience.

Building was not finished when Timur went to one of his new campaigns. After he came back he went to see new mosque. 

Grandiose buildings occupied rectangular yard with size 130r102 meter. On his west side towered the maim mosque, on north and south sides were small mosques. Spacious inside yard was covered by marble flagstones and enclosed with sheltered gallery for pilgrims. The entrance to the court was decorated as high portal with two round minarets that were 50 meters in height. Font of cathedral mosque was also designed with grandiose portal with two minarets. The wall of all buildings outside was decorated with multicolored glaze bricks, which made intricate geometric ornamental design and religious aphorisms. Magnificent and rich decoration of inside buildings consisted of majolica mosaic, carved marble, stamping on papier-mache, gilded design.

However Timur was not satisfied with building and in a fit of anger ordered to seize magnates Hodja Mahmud David and Muhammed Djelda who managed the construction. They were sentenced to death and hanged behind Siab channel, at the foot of Chupanat.

There is a legend about construction of Bibi-Hanim mosque that is still known in our days. 
Beauty woman Bibi-Hanim, Timur's wife, decided to surprise and make glad her husband. When he was absent being in one of his campaigns she called to the palace the best constructors and masters of Samarkand and suggested them construct the building. The work started immediately.

The walls were growing very fast. More often Bibi-Hanim visited the building site. She hurried the main architect to finish the work. But charmed with queen's beauty architect did not to hurry constructors.

Meanwhile the message came to Samarkand about Timur's coming soon. Bibi-Hanim was ranting and raving. Then architect made term: "The mosque will be constructed in time, but ... you tsarina will give me a kiss". Tsarina was indignant: " I will give any of my bondwomen by your choice. Why are you looking only at me? Look at these colored eggs, that have different colors and do not look like each other, but if you will break them, will they really differ? Such are we, women."
But architect insisted: " I will answer you. Here are two the same glasses. One of then I will bumper with crystal water, the other with white wine. They are the same, but if I will touch them with my lips then one of them will burn me with molten fire, and I won't feel the other one. That is love."

Timur was already close to Samarkand. Vexation of Bibi-Hanim did not know limits. So long cherished surprise for master was under the threat. Besides, as legend says, architect was handsome and young. And she agreed. Architect blended to beautiful Bibi-Hanim. At the last moment she tried to protect herself with palm. But the kiss was so passionate, that ardor got through arm of beauty and left crimson spot on her cheek.After few days Timur came to city. In front of his look raised cupolas and minarets amazed with its magnificence. But his gladness was darkened. He became furious when he saw sign from the kiss. Bibi-Hanim told him the truth. By order of Iron Lame Man warders started look for architect. Escaping from pursuit he with his apprentice climbed on minaret of mosque.

And when warders run up by numerous steps, they found only one apprentice. " Where is architect?"-They asked. "Teacher made for him wings and flew away to Meshed"-he answered. 
That is the legend. History dies not know the name Bibi-Hanim. It is only known that elder wife of Timur was called Saray-Mulk-Hanum.