DSC_0215During the five days the International Music festival "Sharq Taronalari" that brought together the best artists in the world came to an end. While awarding the prizes the artists showed the peculiarities of their national music culture had a very strong feeling. We had an interview with them.


DSC__4963The tenth international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) completed in Samarkand on 30 August. This year’s festival, organized since 1997 on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, was attended by artists from 66 countries.


IMG_8520 On the eve of celebration Uzbekistan's independence, ancient Samarkand lives in a special atmosphere. These days there focused on the incredible creative energy of the most talented representatives of the art of music come here from all over the world.


IMG__8173Famous Georgian folk ensemble "Didgori" August 27, made ​​its first performance on the Registan Square. The group was established in 2003, its activity is mainly aimed at the revival of the ancient original Georgian folk traditions. 


DSC__0228Within the framework of the festival "Sharq taronalari" concert programs with the participation of foreign performers are held almost in all notable places. One of these concerts was held in the fascinating culture and recreation park "Shaboda", in mahalla "Chashma ", which will be remembered to me for a long time.

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Dear participants and guests of the festival, all the fans of traditional art!

We welcome all lovers of traditional world music on the official website of the International Music Festival "Sharq taronalari"!

The festival possessing wide popularity today has been held since 1997 by the initiative of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and under the patronage of UNESCO.
“Sharq taronalari” takes place biennially under the support of the Ministry of Culture Affairs of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, National Television Broadcasting Company of Uzbekistan, State establishment Uzbekkonsert and Samarkand regional government.

The main goals and objectives of the festival are: wide popularization, preservation and development of the best achievements of traditional music, education of the young generation in the spirit of continuing national traditions and further expanding its international creative communications.

The program of "Sharq taronalari" festival includes contest of traditional music performers from different countries, as well as scientific and practical conference with musicologists, composers and performers.

A rich program of "Sharq taronalari" representing the diversity of traditional musical cultures of the world is becoming more and more significant event not only for Uzbekistan or Central Asia, but for the participating countries of the whole world.

Chronology of the International Music Festival "Sharq Taronalari":

1st IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 1997
2nd IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 1999
3rd IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2001
4th IMF “Sharq taronalari”- 2003
5th IMF “Sharq taronalari”- 2005
6th IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2007
7th IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2009
8th IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2011
9th IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2013
10th IMF “Sharq taronalari” - 2015